Hello and welcome to DJing Cultivation, our mission here is to help and guide the current and new generation of DJs in choosing the best equipment on the market to suit their needs.

DJing is an amazing hobby, there’s something about being able to mix and manipulate sound in a myriad of creative ways to create seamless transitions and unique mixes of songs.

Of course, at first, DJing starts out as a hobby, mixing at home or at friends, parties and weekends away, spending endless hours having fun and learning how to mix and manipulate the tracks.

This hobby can also turn in to an amazing, well-paid profession. DJs can travel across the world to all corners of the globe DJing in front of large crowds. The feeling when you the mix hits perfect and you can see the energy of the crowd in front of you, people dancing to your tracks and your sound, is a feeling that is quite unmatched.

About The Authors

The website set up by a DJ looking to help aspiring DJs and current DJs in finding and choosing the best equipment for their needs. Ever since receiving or buying our first turntables or CDJs, we fell more and more in love with the art of DJing, spending hours of time mixing and honing in our skills, playing at gigs and venues.

We know starting out can be overwhelming, there are so many brands, devices and set-ups available its hard to know the right choice. We hope to help DJs pick the right equipment and help them learn how to DJ and use different pieces of equipment through our guides and articles.

The site is managed by Frank H with all articles written by myself. I set up this website to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years in order to help other DJs both old and new generations alike.

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